Tuesday, 26 June 2012

7 things for 7 days!

Hey guys! I'm really sorry about not blogging in a while!
You may have already seen Louise's ( www.sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.co.uk ) ' Interactive! 7 things for 7 days :: June', you may have already done it. Basically you just make a list of 7 things you want to achieve in 7 days, and write them down as a motivator. Personally, I think this is a great idea! So here are my 7 things...
(1) Don't be afraid to spend!
I seem to always buy the cheap make-up, which is poor quality instead of investing in something that works, so this week, I'm going to splash out on a high end lipstick or foundation.
(2) Get a different skin care routine!
I've had the same skin care routine for so long now, and when you don't change your routine for so long, you start to not notice any change, so this week, I'm going to look around for different cleansers, removers, moisturisers, face wash, etc. ,  and see if I notice a difference. Fingers crossed!
(3)  Make something!
I love making random things, however I haven't for so long! My 5 year old cousin is coming to stay with me for the weekend, so I'm thinking of making her a tutu or something. Hmmm, I need to get my creative juices flowing.
(4) Get reading!
For Christmas, my mum kindly got me a kindle, but it seems I've kind of gotten out of the habit of reading. So I'm going to blow the dust of my lovely kindle and do some more reading. I love Sophie Kinsella and have some books I'm going to re-read ( Yey!)
(5) Sort out!
My wardrobe isn't that great, it's full of clothes that are too small, and things that I just look at and ask myself 'Why?! Why did I buy this?'. I think I need to clear it out and then re-stock it ;)
(6) Blog!
It's been more than a week since my last post (smacks hand) and this is really bad for a blog, so I'm planning to write down some ideas of what I can write about, and then ...write about them. So if there is anything you want me to write about, please tell me!
(7) Meet people!
Blogging is a great way to make new friends, so I'm going to use this to my advantage, and meet some new people! Yay!

So that's my 7 things for 7 days, I hope you take part in this too, if you do, be sure to tell me!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Picture Problems!

So you may have noticed that none of my posts have pictures *sigh*. This is because, unfortunately, I'm having to make do with a crappy net book, and I have no idea how to get my photos on this. My old blog had lot's of pictures, but not this one! However, I will try to get some up soon! 
I just thought I'd write a quick post to let you know!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Review | No.7 Nail varnish

So Boots recently did their No.7 £5 voucher offer (which seems to pop up a lot), so I took the opportunity to get one of their nail varnishes. I would never pay full price for this, £7?! I know £7 isn't that bad, with brands like O.P.I and Essie, but this is just No.7. However, take £5 off, and I'm snapping up a huge 10ml bottle for £2! I do love a bargain! I picked up the colour 'Me! Me! Me!' (250). This is a gorgeous bright pink, and it really looks great on the nails.
This glides on so well, and when its fully dry, it's so smooth! I've had it in for an entire week now, and it hasn't chipped once! And that's without a top coat! The brush on this is great, as it's rounded at the end, which is perfect for the bottom of the nail.
This dries so quick! I put on 1 thin coat, then by the time I've finished 1 hand it's dry again so I do my second coat. I leave it at 2 coats, as the colour is just amazing, it's really opaque. Bonus!
You get a lot of product for £7, so, really, I guess the price isn't that much to pay, although I'm more of a Barry M girl.
Sadly, I think the £5 vouchers have stopped again ( :(  )
What did you buy with your No.7 voucher?


Monday, 11 June 2012

Primark | Get what you pay for?


So today I popped into Primark and picked up a few things, 1 in particular being this gorgeous Navy Blue blouse kinda thing. I seem to be building quite a collection of these Primark tops, I just find them so easy to wear, and they look good too. 1 think I notice about these tops are 9 times out of 10, the buttons look really cheap. Don't get me wrong, for the £6-£11 mark I don't expect Topshop quality, but it has made me think, is it worth it? I'll be honest, I'm aware that for the price paid, the people that make the clothes are probably underpaid in bad working conditions (what a sad thought :(  ) but for the price you pay for a whole outfit is amazing, and honestly, who wears the same clothes for years? No-one, because fashion is constantly changing! I don't wanna pay about £50 for an outfit, that in a couple of months, will be out dated. ( I'm not saying I'm a fashion goddess at all, believe me!). But really, think about it logically. Let's say you get a top for £10. They have to pay for material, then people to make the item, then for it to be shipped to the country, then to the correct store. They have to pay workers, AND make profit, so how much is your £10 top actually worth? What kinda quality are we actually getting? I mean, for a tenner, it's not bad right? But still, £10 is £10, I really don't wanna waste it! If you have any thoughts about this, please comment, and also, if I'm getting this totally wrong, tell me!
Thanks for reading,


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Helloooo Blogger!!!


I decided to make this blog as I quite liked the idea of having a little place on the Internet just for me (and hopefully some readers, obviously!) where I could give my opinions. Basically, I'm going to use this little space for reviews on beauty products, and that kind of jazz, as well as just having fun! (After all, if I didn't have fun writing, there'd be no point!)

I hope you maybe want to become a member, or want to see what else I post! Please comment if there's anything you want me to review and I'll check it out! Or just tell me what you'd like to see!

Please leave me a link to your blog and I'll be sure to check it out!

see ya next time!