Thursday, 23 August 2012

My top 5 lip products!

Hi everyone!
Yes, I know, no blog posts in quite a while. I've got a blog post coming soon just covering my blogging absence, and also covering my lack of 30 day nail challenge posts. Unfortunately, my camera is lost, along with all the photos, so I'm having to go way back to the beginning. *sigh*. Also, I'm having some problems with my blog button, the image just isn't showing up, so to all the tech geniuses out there.... help me?
But anyway, I thought I'd do a bit of a beauty post today, with my top 5 lip products, or my kind of most reached for! (In no particular order!)
Just remember I've lost my camera, and am having to make do with my iPod one!

Boots natural collection Mango and Papaya Coloured Lip Gloss

This glides on nicely, and leaves a really nice shine. Smells amazing, and yes, tastes amazing too! I always find these squeezy tubes really messy, so I don't really like the packaging. However, it's small, compact and fits in your bag without taking much space. 

Boots-£2.75 for 15ml

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick- Shade 620 Coral Queen

This is such a gorgeous colour! A very deep coral, that really does Moisten your lips. I find that lipsticks can dry my lips quite easily, but I have no problem with this. Glides on like a dream. It has quite good staying power as well!


Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick- Shade 422 Coral Tonic

This is so so similar to the Rimmel lipstick (as you can see from the bottom image, where the Rimmel is at the top and the Maybelline at the bottom) Both Coral colours. I would say the Maybelline one is a bit more sheer, so you have to build it up to get the same effect,  so the Maybelline one is definitely better for a more subtle look. Again, goes on nicely, and doesn't dry my lips out. I have my eye on a few more colours from this range, especially the pop ones, so I might have to treat my self soon!

Boots- £7.19

No.7 High Shine - Whisper

My auntie, who is a No.7 obsessive, gave this to me as she found it to sticky. I can see where she's coming from, as it isn't the smoothest lip gloss, but I really do love it. It's a beautiful champagne colour with peachy gold specks in, but really does look great on the lips. I always find myself reaching for this, and it has SPF 15 which is always a bonus. I really don't like the applicator, as it's so small, and takes a while to apply a nice amount, however it is a bonus when it comes to getting the precision at the edge. This is on offer at the moment, as is the whole High Shine Lip gloss line, so I'd get down to Boots!

Boots - currently £4.50 reduced from £9!

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

An absolute gem! I love this lip balm so much! It really does wonders for my lips, and moistens for a long time. I always carry this around with me, and apply it a lot in the day just out of habit (Which  would explain why it's down to a nib). It's not really fragranced , yet it smells so good! I don't know what it is, maybe the Jojoba  oil? Leaves my lips soft, smooth, and moisturised, and this was so cheap!


So that's my top 5 lip products! What do you think of these products? What are your top 5?
Talk to you soon!

P.s, if you can help with my blog button issues, please do! It will be much appreciated! 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

30 Day nail challenge | Day 2

 Hello everyone!
So after so long I'm finally blogging the 30 day nail challenge again! I know I was meant to do it ages ago and I didn't, but I have got round to it eventually! So anyway........

Day 2- Orange Nails

So for day 2, I did sunsets with little Palm trees! I did a gradient with yellow and orange. before using a black nail art pen to do the trees and sand. Aren't these so cute? I really like these, which is unusual for me, I usually find all the bad points with my nails! Before doing these I thought they would be really hard, but they were actually surprisingly easy!
What do you think? Are you joining in with the challenge?
Well that's it for today, Day 3 coming soon! (Keep your eyes peeled!)
Bye for now!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Shopping for less than £25!

Hi everyone!

SYesterday was my brothers 18th birthday, so today we went to Leeds so he could spend some of his moolah, yesterday we went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and then a meal out, so I didn't have too much cash. I decided to take only £25 just because whenever I take a lot of money with me when I go shopping, I sound almost as if I need to get rid of it before getting home, and I didn't really need anything, so I took that just incase I saw something I liked. I don't mind taking a lot of money with me when I go shopping, but I saw no point today. 
You don't realise how much you can get with just a smaller amount of money. Not only did I manage to get some bits for my self, I also got my friends birthday present all for less than £25! I'm glad I didn't take more, because I did see stuff that I would of bought, and then regret when I had no money for a while. I think I just buy things for the sake of buying them!
Anyway, I just thought I'd share my purchases of the day with you, almost like a mini haul!

(Click on images to enlarge)

Wet effect leggings

I never thought I would get a pair of these. I always saw people wearing them and envied them thinking I couldn't pull them off. I decided on a whim just to try these on, knowing I'd probably come out scarred by the site. But no. I loved them! So I bought them, and I'm glad I did! I wore them after with a white kitty design chiffon blouse that I got from Primark


Space Girl Bath Bomb

How can somebody NOT like Lush? It's a mystery. This smells AMAZING, almost like parma violets, but much, much better. It's meant to smell of blackcurrents... Hmmm. It has popping candy in, and even better, is coated in glitter! I cannot wait to have a bath with this...It won't last long!


Out of this world Gift Box

This isn't for me (But I'd love to get it as a present!) This is the gift I got my friend for her birthday. It has the Space Girl bath bomb, and rock star soap. I'm loving having this in my room, as I walk in and get greeted by the amazing smell! The paper is glow in the dark too, which is pretty cool!


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I wrote a review on this not so long ago (Here!) and yes, I've run out already. But it's OK, I've bought more! I absolutely love this stuff, and it does just what it's supposed too! 


Primark Hair Bobbles

Yes, I know, pretty boring, but I spent 20 minutes this morning looking for a hair bobble. I knew it was time to buy more! And who can go wrong with 30 for £1? These don't have them horrible metal panels either which really annoy me, so that's good. There's a mixture of thicker ones and thinner ones, and the packs do come in different colour sets

Primark-30 for £1

All of that came to £23.59! I still had enough money to go to subway and get something nice to eat :)  (I did have a little bit extra for lunch). I think for the money I've done quite well. I don't regret buying anything and I haven't come home with bags of stuff that'll never use.

Do you ever set yourself limits when you go shopping?

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you next time

Sunday, 5 August 2012

I'm baaack!

Hello everyone!
I'm really sorry about the lack of blogging, but I've just got back from my aunties. I have a HUGE collection of 30 day nail challenge photos stored up, and as I have a completely free boring day tomorrow, expect to see lot's of posts arriving on your screens! I really hope some of you have decided to do this challenge?! Also, it was so nice to have come back on, and seen so many new people viewing my blog! Hello!!!!
So this is just a quick post to say I'm back, and will be carrying on my posts of the 30 day nail challenge! I hope you enjoy (You can see day 1 of the 30 day nail challenge Here!)
Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow!